Deisy Morselli Gysi

I earned my PhD in Bioinformatics, at the Leipzig University, in April 2019. My research was focused on building, analyzing and comparing co-expression networks from whole transcriptome data of primate brains and developing methods that enable those analyses. I am interested in understanding whether evolutionary changes in brain co-expression patterns might be related to cognitive disorders.

I improved the wTO (weighted Topological Overlap) method by giving the links of a network a p-value, that returns a high accuracy network. I developed a method to incorporate results from similar networks derived from different environments in a meta-analysis method for building a Consensus Network.

More recently, I developed a method, CoDiNA (Co-expression Differential Network Analysis), that allows comparing nodes and links from multiple networks. With this method, I aim to understand commonalities, differences and specific features of co-expression networks. Both of my methods, wTO and CoDiNA, are available as R Packages from CRAN.

I had achieved my bachelor in Biotechnology at the Pontifical Catholic University (2011) and my bachelor in Statistics at the Federal University of Paraná (2012), both in Brazil. During the whole undergraduate time, I was involved in research and received 2 awards for the best undergraduate research. While working on my Bachelor, I was also employed at HSBC multibank as a Risk Analyst.

After that, I worked as a Bioinformatician at the Heart Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP), where I started working with co-expression networks, especially investigating the influence of (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) SNPs on the networks. After finishing that project I joined the Albert Einstein Hospital as a Statistician, where I was a consultant to the research department of the hospital. In October 2015 I started my PhD under the supervision of Dr Peter Stadler, Dr Katja Nowick and Dr Martin Middendorf at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

My main research interests are related to Co-expression networks comparison, co-occurrence networks and cognition.